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If you are serious about a career in musical theatre, GAMTA is for you.  Our BA (Hons) course puts YOU at the centre of your training as we set about identifying your unique qualities as an individual and performer. This course is as close to a one-to-one personal training as is possible to experience and our graduate success across not only musical theatre, but film and television reflects our individual process. This triple threat course focuses on all three elements of musical theatre with equal weight so that you become as commercially marketable and appealing to agents and casting directors as possible. It is not necessary to have strong skills in all three areas on entry; its our job to provide the training to ensure you’re a triple threat performer by the time you graduate.


GAMTA training is not an easy option, but it’s hugely rewarding, lots of fun and develops your skills to industry standard and ready for work. Throughout your study our aim is to develop the ‘unique package’ that is YOU. It is hugely important that not only do you have the skills and creativity but that... you stand out from the crowd.

Course Overview

This course is an intense, practical, industry level training for aspiring professionals. The work is challenging and creative, like the industry you hope to enter. At the end of the course, you will be a credible, creative artist with excellent triple threat skills with a broad knowledge of the industry and ready to work. 


Subjects for study; acting methodologies / practitioners, acting from text, creating and devising, acting through song, private weekly singing lesson, jazz, ballet, commercial dance, tap, contextual studies, physical theatre, voice, ensemble singing, anatomy and physiology, music theory, sight-singing, performance styles, score interpretation, music theory, sight-reading, phonetics, repertoire class, audition preparation,  industry masterclasses and introduction to agents, casting directors.


First year examines your core skills, stripping back to rebuild a solid foundation of technique. Within our supportive environment, you will establish the rudiments of each discipline and the demands of the triple threat performer. You will learn to demonstrate, discuss, and explain your developing skills.

Second year is about experimenting, pushing boundaries, analysing, interpreting new styles/genres.  You will study a range of musical theatre practitioners. You will perform a variety of public performances and begin to consider your niche within industry. You will experience masterclasses with industry professionals.

In third year, you will perform a variety of roles in public as well as corporate productions. As a critical thinker you will now make bold choices, defend choices, activate new lines of enquiry - make your own work from your own point of view. You will meet agents, casting directors, key players in the industry to secure employment.

As a graduate you will be a skilled, employable triple threat performer and creative artist.



What we promise you.

Your study will take place within a nurturing and positive environment where mistakes are welcomed and considered part of the learning process.  You will have huge amounts of fun, work hard, perform lots and and strive for excellence; the very best you.


You will feel comfortable and safe to explore and create without fear or judgement. Throughout your training you will enjoy professional performer/masterclasses encouraging and inspiring you as well as ensuring you are industry relevant. Your learning will be the responsibility of a dedicated team of industry professionals, academics and creatives who care about you, and spend time getting to know you, You receive a huge amount of one-to-one attention. The team will be collectively and consistently responsible for your overall development. In your final year you will be introduced to agents, casting directors with a view to professional representation and a direct route to work.


This is a course for performers with career ambitions who are dedicated to a lifetime of performance. 


First Year – Level 4  (120 credits)

First year examines your core skills, stripping them back to rebuild a solid foundation. Our supportive environment enables you to develop a rudimentary understanding of each discipline where mistakes are seen as important learning tools. We spend time exploring your unique qualities as an individual and performer.

You will study; acting methodologies/practitioners, acting through song, jazz, ballet, commercial, tap, physical theatre, voice, ensemble singing, private weekly singing lesson, score interpretation, anatomy and physiology, music theory, commercial, tap and performance styles.

Throughout the year you will demonstrate, discuss and explain your developing skills through a variety of exercises and tasks.  Your communications and ideas will be expressed using appropriate vocabulary and with an increasing level of competency.

By the end of your first year of study you will have a firm grasp of the rudiments and practical skills which underpin technique. You will also explore the expectations of the professional musical theatre performer and have a stronger sense of self.


Second Year – Level 5  (120 credits)

During your second year your practical skills will be delivered with increased competence and complexity. Your tasks will seek responses requiring you to explore and critique, developing an analytical approach to your work. Your study of musical theatre in its wider context will begin to inform your work creatively/artistically.

In addition to your core study areas, contextual studies and a variety of industry masterclasses, become part of your weekly diet. This module encourages you to explore leading exponents and practitioners of musical theatre, as a wider study of the genre. You will explore, critique and debate your findings uncovering influences which may inform your own work. Your work will be detailed and bolder and your versatility as a performer broader as you approach your work with a stronger sense of style and nuance.

You will begin to identify your niche in the industry.



Third Year – Level 6  (120 credits)

Your third-year process sees your developed skills and artistic acumen combine where you are performing with technical precision, style, nuance, and artistry. Your choices are informed and detailed, influenced by the world and your wider understanding of the genre of musical theatre.  You begin to create your work from varying points of view creating work of depth, texture and integrity.

You will communicate fluently with creatives using appropriate vocabulary as you present and discuss your ideas with knowledge, confidence and critical analysis whilst engaging in new lines of enquiry and challenge norms.

You will enjoy a season of masterclasses from industry professionals.  You will be introduced to agents and casting directors throughout agents’ season with a view to your representation and a direct route to work. You will be considered for professional performance placements




Your third year,  usually January to April you will meet a variety of agents from across the UK and perform for them either via showcase or private audition, with a view to their representing you for work. You will be invited to meet both in person at the studios and virtually or through theatre performance.


You will perform for them and have an interview / meeting with them. You will begin to make judgments on which agency ‘feels like a good fit’ for you, skills set and and career aspirations. You may have as many as 15 meetings across the season. 





You will perform publicly across your second and third years of study in a variety of productions from Christmas Concerts, Pantomime, Musicals, Musical Revue. cabaret and sometimes new musical theatre work by emerging writers.  Our productions are fully produced by industry professionals but also take the form of black box, site specific, corporate, improvised and workshops. You will perform in number one venues such as Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall Glasgow as well as smaller venues such as ‘Platform’, ‘Cumbernauld Theatre’, ‘Eastwood Theatre’, small studio spaces, events spaces, churches indeed any space suitable for the nature of the production. The ability to adapt your performance to the space is an important skill.

building your skills



Course Fees



Course Fees 2024/25

UK Students:                              £9,250

Overseas Students*                  £14,250



Acceptance Deposit:     

£1000 - UK Students - deducted from your annual course fee     

£2,000 - Overseas Students - deducted from your annual course fee

Enrichment fee:  £500  

(payable at the start of each academic year)


  • Accommodation and living costs 

  • Dance wear (a full kit list will be provided)

  • Books and stationery

  • Professional headshot (2nd Year)

  • Spotlight entry (3rd Year)

  • Cost of hiring Graduation attire or photographic/videographic services.


Eligible students can receive approximately £1,205 tuition funding towards the cost of your course from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland each year.  This would be paid directly to us, and taken off the annual tuition fee.  Visit to apply or to find out if you are eligible. You will need to apply through the SAAS website before the appropriate date.

Eligible Students in Scotland may also be entitled to student loans, which you can apply for via the SAAS website above.  You can use this Funding Calculator from SAAS to find out how much you may be entitled to:

Please note, applicants from England, Wales and Northern Ireland do not qualify for tuition funding through SAAS or SLC (Scotland), but should make enquiries to their own Student Award Agencies for their area as there may be funding, loans or grants available to help towards your overall student costs.

English students:  Find support options and more information on the Gov.UK website

Welsh students:  Find support options and more information on Gov.Wales website

Irish students:  Find support and more information on the Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) website

International students looking to study in Scotland should research their government's website for any overseas funding that may be available.


Fees are subject to annual review and may increase in years two and three in line with inflation. One term’s notice will be given of any increases.

*Overseas students are those without indefinite leave to remain, or the right to settle in the UK under the Common Travel Area between the UK and Ireland.


Am I Eligible for the BA (Hons) Musical Theatre course?

  • Applicants domiciled in Scotland you must be 16 years of age by the start of study

  • Applicants from other UK countries and overseas, you must be 18 years of age by the start of study

  • A minimum of C pass in higher English or equivalent (minimum 27 UCAS credits)

  • Candidates whose first language is not English must satisfy the panel that their communication skills are sufficient to complete the course successfully


Additional Advice:

Candidates with strong practical skills and previous dance, acting, singing training or candidates who have an unconventional academic background will be considered on their own merit. Also, a proven commitment to training (RAD, ISTD, Trinity, LAMDA. NC, NPA) is helpful as well as a history of technique classes and/or performance.

Equal Opportunity:

GAMTA is committed to providing equal opportunity for all who apply. No one will be unfairly treated on the grounds of sex, ethnic origin, disability, age or religion.​

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