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Date of Birth


Do you currently attend secondary school?
Are you attending a Theatre school?

Your Health / Special Needs Requirements

Do you suffer from any medical conditions?
Do you have any special needs or requirements in order to assist your learning process?
Do you have any form of learning disability?
Do you have any physical growth issues which may be pertinent to your training?
Have you been assessed by DSA in terms of study aids and strategies?

Emergency Contact Details

Your Personal Statement

Headshot / Photograph

How did you hear about GAMTA?

Student Declaration

To the best of my knowledge the information contained in this application is correct. I understand the decision of the audition panel is final and I agree to abide by GAMTA Terms and Conditions if I am offered a place. (Copies available on request).

I understand that my personal information will be shared by SQA and any other relevant accreditation bodies for certification purposes and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

(Typing your name in the box confirms your signature)

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