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Applications for September 2024 entry are still open. 

We aim to audition all applicants within two weeks of your submitted application,

If you have any questions about the audition requirements for BA (hons) course, please contact the Head of Admissions at

International Students: On-line/video auditions are available to international students for our full-time course. Please contact the Head of Admissions for further details at


All auditions for our BA Musical Theatre course take place in person at our Glasgow campus, International students should submit a self tape in the first instance; details below. 

When you GAMTA for audition you will experience the day-to-day reality of our training, mingle with current students and enjoy the atmosphere.

What to prepare:

Two contrasting songs (in style or period).

Prepare two contrasting songs from published musical theatre repertoire. You should bring sheet music. Please avoid songs which demand an extreme ‘character’ voice. We like to hear your natural voice.


One Monologue

Prepare a monologue from a play written after 1950.  The play must be published and not something you have written or found on the internet. Your performance should be between 1 or 2 minutes and should be performed from memory. You are encouraged to use your own accent.


Advice note:

We are interested in the reasons for your choice of material.  We are interested in your understanding of the play/song and the decisions you have taken about the character you are portraying. Please ensure that you have read the play and can discuss the character in the context of the piece.  Your opinions are very important. Similarly you should be able to discuss the character of your song in terms of the rest of the musical.


Jazz/Movement Class

You will take part in a group jazz class. Don’t worry if you haven’t danced before; we are looking for potential.

Advice note:

You will receive feedback about your audition on the day and we will want to see how you take correction. Feel free to ask lots of questions. Our aim is that you experience our positive 'can do' ethos, our sense of fun, our work ethic and what it would be like to train with us daily. We want to find out more about you; actually we are more interested in you as a person than the skills you currently have. Who you are as a person will determine how far your potential can be developed with excellent training, We want you to feel welcome and enjoy the experience.


You will take part in a short interview following the private performance of your pieces to the panel.  The purpose of the interview is to find out more about you, your interests beyond musical theatre, and the world in general. We hope to learn more about you in the interview and so establish how we will work together.  Personality and enthusiasm as well as sharing a little more about you will ensure a successful interview. There are no right or wrong answers.

Personal Feedback

You will receive feedback throughout your audition so be ready to accept correction. Our hope is that you experience a little of our ethos and what it would be like to train with us daily. We want to understand you, we want you to feel welcome and enjoy the experience.

You will be advised about the outcome of your visit within two weeks.


International students

should send a self-tape of the above to

The Audition Day

You will be met by students who will mentor you for the day; making sure you know where you are going and what you need.  Audition formats can vary but here’s an example of what you can expect:

  • Warm up/Jazz class

  • Acting through song class

  • Creating and Devising Theatre class

  • Lunch

  • Group Singing Class

  • Student Performance

  • Private audition & Interview – perform your prepared pieces to the panel and chat

Do I need to be strong in all three areas already?

No. We usually look for a strength in one or two areas. Some students audition with no dance experience and are now on dance contracts. Don't underestimate what is possible.



Click on the Apply Now button, where you will be directed to our application form

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